My work

I work as a product engineer at Intercom at the moment, but I also love to work on side projects. They do not necessarily have to be development related. If you want to see my software engineering related things, I recommend you visit my Github profile.

Learn Tamil Online

The first side project I am working on right now is to provide a platform for people that want to learn my mother language Tamil.

In a first step, I'm working on a small book. I am then going to use that book as the foundation to build an app. My long term idea is to create a community around learning the language Tamil and the Tamil culture and history.

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During the pandemic in 2020, I started working on a small fitness app. It aims to help users reaching their fitness goals by making the planning and tracking of workouts easier.

Compared to other apps on the market, my vision for Maxout is focussing on simplicity and beauty. You can read the full story about Maxout in this article Introducing Maxout.

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Not all side projects have to be full on apps. Sometimes I just love to play around with a new tech that I found, or create user interfaces or be creative in any other way.

Feel free to have a look at some of these fun experiements in what I call my playground.

Public Speaking

In January 2019, I gave my first tech-related talk. Since it was an exciting experience, I will hopefully fill up this list with a few more of them. They do not only have to be about tech-related stuff but also about society related things as I did a few times in the past already.

If you want me to give a talk at your meetup, conference, or even private events, feel free to message me. You can find the abstracts of my current ones below. Each of them is possible as a 20-, 30-, and 45-minutes version.

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