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I'm a front-end engineer with over 10 years of web experience.

I started working as a web designer and web developer at a very young age. I earned my first money as a web designer creating custom MySpace layouts when I was just 14. In 2008, at the age of 16, I founded my own company for web design and development. Since then, I have worked with several clients doing quite a wide range of tasks.

For more than 10 years, I have been working as a web developer doing problem-solving as a back-end engineer using languages such as PHP, Python or Node.js but also as a front-end developer working with HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

However, my real passion lies beyond software and development. I'm more into solving problems for people, make their lives easier and connecting them with each other. Alongside that, I'm passionate about learning new languages and cultures.

Work Experience

    Senior Engineer / IntercomApril 2024 — now
    Product Engineer 3 / IntercomDecember 2021 — March 2024
    Engineering Team Lead / HussleApril 2021 — November 2021
    Senior Frontend Engineer / HussleFebruary 2020 — March 2021
    Software Engineer / TeamleaderMay 2018 — January 2020
    Founder / AheenamMay 2016 — October 2021
    Web Developer / netinsidersNovember 2016 — April 2018
    Co-Founder / KernwerkOctober 2015 — January 2018
    Product Assistant / Kopierland GmbHJune 2011 — March 2014
    Web Designer / rathesDot (CreativeCreation)June 2006 — March 2016
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