About me

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I'm Rathes Sachchithananthan and I'm a web developer. If you are interested in learning more about me, you will find the information here.

Rathes Sachchithananthan, 1992/04/26\

Haltern am See, Germany / Schleswig, Germany\


Social Media
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Work experience

I started working as a professional web designer and web developer at very young ages. When I was 14 I had my first client jobs and in 2008, at the age of 16, I founded my first own company for web design and development. Since then I have worked with several clients doing quite a wide range of tasks.

After my BSc. in Computer Science in 2014, I decided to set my main focus more on developments and spend only little on design. Now I'm mainly working as a web developer on Laravel (PHP), Vue and React (JavaScript) projects.

Web Developer at Teamleader
May 2018 - now

In summer 2018 I started a new chapter and joined Teamleader. This is not only a great opportunity for me to grow as a developer, but also a big new adventure as I am moving to a new city in a new country with a language I still have to learn.

CEO at Aheenam
Mar 2016 - now

While I was working most of my time as a Freelancer, in 2016 I decided decrease client work and focus more on creating own products. Therefore I changed the type of my business and created a custom brand for this company.

Web Developer at netinsiders
Nov 2016 - Apr 2018

By the end of 2016, I joined the team of netinsiders as a Web Developer. During that time I worked as a Laravel and Vue Developer and by night I work on my own projects for Aheenam.

Co-Founder/Web Developer at KERNWERK
Oct 2015 - January 2018

Together with some friends we created the awesome app for digital personal training. I created the backend of first MVP using Laravel as the framework of choice. Due to lack of time and shift of interests, I left this project by the end of 2017.

Production Assistant at Kopierland GmbH
Jun 2011 - Mar 2014

This was my first non freelance job. Had this job during my studies of Media Computer Science at University Ulm, where I got great insights of the world of digital printing and print design.

Web Designer at CreativeCreation
Jun 2006 - Apr 2010

This is where my journey in the professional web industry started. Before that, I just created stuff for myself with the idea of promoting my career as a rapper.


  • Web Development
    • PHP (Laravel)
    • JavaScript (Vanilla, Vue, React)
    • HTML
    • CSS (Sass, Less)
  • Design
    • Basic knowledge of UI Design & UX Design
  • Requirement Engineering
  • Languages
    • Tamil (native speaker)
    • German (native speaker level)
    • English (proficient user)
    • Spanish (elementary)
    • Norsk (beginner)
    • Japanese (started learning)
    • Dutch (started learning)


It took me quite a while to realize that it's better to be a specialist instead of a generalist. On the other side I'm interested in many aspects of tech and web.

In 2014 I shifted more towards PHP with Laravel and JavaScript (ES2015+) with Vue and React. That's my specialization as a developer.

Additionally I am focused on the aspect of requirements engineering. My bachelor thesis at university was about goal driven requirements engineering. I adopted this method to use it for the whole aspect of running a business to make it profitable as soon as possible.

Last but not least, I read a lot about AI and Machine Learning. I'm not that far that I would call me pro in this field, but it is a goal to get more into the field.


Here are some open sourced projects I actively work on:

  • aheenam/mozhi is a Laravel package that contains a simple implementation of a Markdown-file-based CMS.

  • aheenam/laravel-package-cli is a generator that scaffolds a Laravel package project. Just run a single command to get a full starting point for your next Laravel package.

  • rathesDot/rathes.de is the source code for my personal website at rathes.de. (If you are reading this online, you are probably on this website already).

To find more stuff done by myself, just visit my website or check out one of my social media profiles.