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The One Practical Approach to Overcome Writer's Block

The One Practical Approach to Overcome Writer's Block

We've all been there. You sit down, eager to write, but your screen just mocks you with its emptiness. We've got our dreaded enemy, the Writer's block, striking. Again. For years, I was trapped, but in 2024, I discovered a method that actually works for me.

What is Writer's Block?

Writer's block is a frustrating phenomenon that happens to writers of all levels. It's the short-term inability to produce new work and lack in creativity. This can manifest in several ways, from struggling to generate ideas about what to write to facing complete paralysis when you actually sit down in front of a blank page. The severity can also vary, lasting anywhere from a few hours to months or even (as in my own case) years.

Tips that just don't work

The internet offers a plethora of advice for overcoming writer's block. Walks in nature, exercising, and stimulating environments all sound promising. But let's be honest, how many walks does it take to write a single blog post? These suggestions might offer a temporary fix, but they lack long-term effectiveness.

Waiting for inspiration is another dead end, the worst of all. It leads to procrastination and self-pity, further crippling your progress.

The Power of Daily Writing

The answer lies in consistent action: Write your way out of writer's block. Since the beginning of 2024, I've adopted a daily writing habit. Every morning, I open my specific Notion page (Creatively called "Notepad") and type for at least 100 words or until a natural end of my thoughts.

The key is to write without pressure. It can be anything — a description of the view from your window (I sometimes describe the same view over and over again), thoughts sparked during your last commute, or reflections on your current book. There's no need to plan; decide on the topic as you sit down.

80 Days Later: The Results

This simple practice has yielded incredible results for me. Since January 2024, I've written over 15,000 words and published 4 blog posts (including this one!).

More importantly, I've finally begun work on a long-abandoned fiction project. Something that I thought I would never actually be able to do.

The magic lies in consistent, low-pressure writing. It may not feel like a complete escape from writer's block, but it allows you to keep creating while chipping away at the creative blockage.

So my advice to overcome a writer's block is to ditch the empty promises of external inspiration and embrace the power of daily writing. You will definitely be surprised by what you achieve, 100 words at a time.

Photo by Ryan Snaadt from Unsplash