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Exercising during a pandemic

When people look back at this blog in the future, they will be surprised that the first entry is about a pandemic. But that is our reality right now. We are reaching the end of 2020 and are going to start another year. But it looks like COVID—19 is going to stay for longer.

January and February are usually the best months for gyms. People tend to start their years with new fitness goals. This new year is going to be different as gyms are going to stay closed in most of the countries.

But what does that mean for us? Can't we exercise during a pandemic? How can we deal with the challenges?

Listen carefully to your body

The answer is to keep working out! Exercise is a huge help when it comes to managing stress and improve the immune system. It is also essential to keep your energy level up. For those who started working from home recently, exercising can help to prevent the feeling of being stuck.

However, with today's climate and a virus being the biggest threat to all of us; you must listen to your body carefully, and adjust your workload accordingly. It is better to take enough time to rest if your body shows any symptoms and consult with their physician.

Exercising outdoors

Gyms may have closed, but that shouldn't prevent you from going out and exercise there. While your regular 5x5 workouts won't be possible if you don't have your home gym with all the necessary equipment, you can still keep yourself fit until the gyms are ready to welcome you back.

Be creative and try things out. Bodyweight exercises aren't that bad; they are a good way to stay fit. And if that's not enough what about adding extra weight by carrying a fully loaded backpack?

When going outside to work out or go for a run, make sure you follow the government guidelines. Make sure that you maintain a social distance of at least 2m all the time. COVID—19 transmission risk appears to be smaller outdoors, but that doesn't mean there is no risk at all.

When your area allows, choose a location with a low density of people like a big park or forest. Make sure to give other people around enough room to move. We have to deal with this together and take care of each other.

Home Gym

If going for runs or bike rides is nothing for you or if the weather outside isn't inviting you to go out, try working out at home. As mentioned above, there are plenty of bodyweight exercises, but you can also be creative when it comes to equipment. Backpacks can become your new weight vests or water bottles your news dumbbells.

Home workouts can also be a lot more than just HIIT sessions. What about a stretching-only workout session or a yoga session? What about taking some time to meditate? Being mentally fit is as important as physical fitness!

Working out at home comes with another benefit: Your partner or another family member that wouldn't usually join you to the gym might now be interested in doing some workouts with you at home. Make exercising a fun activity for all of you.

Stay fit and stay healthy

No matter how you work out, the most important thing is that you stay fit and healthy. COVID—19 won't restrict our lives forever. Until then, let's try to take care of each other and do the best we can do. Sometimes that can also mean to rest and not exercise at all. That's perfectly fine, too!

How do you work out these days? Has anything changed for you, do you miss the gym or do you like the new way of staying fit? Let us know!

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