I work as a front-end engineer at Hussle right now but I also work on other side projects that are not only development related. If you want to see my development related things, I recommend that you visit my Github profile.

Learn Tamil Online

The side project I am working on right now is to provide a platform for people that want to learn my mother language Tamil.

In a first step, I'm working on a small book that I will use as the foundation to build an app and a community around learning the language Tamil and also learning about the Tamil culture and history.

Learn more about the project on https://learn-tamil.com

Public Speaking

In January 2019, I gave my first tech-related talk. Since it was an exciting experience, I will hopefully fill up this list with a few more talks, not only about tech-related stuff but also about society related things as I did a few times in the past already.

If you want me to give a talk at your meetup, conference, or even private events, feel free to message me. You can find the abstracts of my current talks below. Each of them is possible as a 20-, 30-, and 45-minutes talk.

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